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Potrero Park has been under construction since the mid-1980s.
Photo: Matthew Stockman

Potrero: The Park That Might Happen in Pacific Palisades

The bids are finally in. According to Potrero Canyon Park Project Manager Pedro Garcia, three bids were received for the
People will be able to enter Potrero Park off Frontera Drive at the Recreation Center. Photo: Matthew Stockman

Potrero Park Will Open: Guess the Latest Date

By Sarah Stockman Staff Writer Since 1984 the City of L.A. has been attempting to turn unstable Potrero Canyon into a pu
Three 10,000 sq. ft. homes are proposed for the land on Earlham. Story poles show how high the homes will be.
Photo: Bart Bartholomew

Proposed Earlham Homes in Pacific Palisades Under Scrutiny

By Sue Pascoe Editor A public hearing was held on Dec. 5 regarding three proposed 10,000-sq.-ft. homes with pools that w
The dirt from this site will be hauled to Potrero Canyon.

L.A. Planning and Land Use Committee Denies Palisadians’ Appeal on Caruso Plans

By Sue Pascoe Editor It took only 25 minutes before the L.A. City Council’s Planning and Land Use Committee denied an
The blue circle is the existing island in front of the old gym. A new design would be more triangular in shape and allow for additional parking spaces and crosswalks at the Recreation Center.

Palisades Park Advisory Board Addresses Trees, Future Parking Issues

By Sue Pascoe Editor During the Park Advisory Board’s quarterly meeting on Oct. 19 at the Palisades Recreation Center,

Potrero Park: Time to ‘Fire’ the City?

Potrero Canyon Park, which seems to be open to people who live on the canyon rim and walk their dogs there, is officiall