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A downtown single-room occupancy hotel.

Viewpoint: Los Angeles Housing Math Doesn’t Add Up

By Mark Ryavec Special to the Palisades News Even though there are roughly 25,000 homeless in Los Angeles, Proposition H
A propane tank for a barbeque was removed from one campsite.

L.A. Conservation Corps Provides Job Training to Middle and High School Students

The L.A. Conservation Corps Clean and Green program was created in 1988 for off-track middle and high school students as
Members of the L.A. Conservation Corps helped clean an abandoned homeless camp below the Via las Olas bluffs.

Teens Clear Pacific Palisades Homeless Encampments (Video)

By Sue Pascoe Editor I want to live here with these beautiful views of the ocean,” an observer said, looking out at th
Palisades News Letters: Homeless Advocates Differ

Palisades News Letters: Homeless Advocates Differ

As usual, your last paper (April 4) gave ample coverage to the topic of homelessness. And rightly so, for it remains an

Homeward L.A. to Play Pierson Playhouse

To draw awareness to the homeless crisis in Los Angeles and to raise funds for The Midnight Mission, Homeward L.A. will
Margaret, a homeless woman in Pacific Palisades, asks residents for money.

Palisades News Letters: The Start of a Solution

I read with interest the letters about Margaret. Someone called for compassion, respect, alternatives and solutions, a v
Parking Sought for Homeless in Cars

Parking Sought for Homeless in Cars

Dr. Scott Sale, who is spearheading Safe Parking L.A., spoke to the Pacific Palisades Community Council on March 8. He m
Venice Beach bathrooms

Venice Beach Bathrooms Are Now Open 24/7

By Sue Pascoe Editor The Los Angeles Recreation and Parks (RAP) Board of Commissioners voted on April 4 to approve keepi
Pacific Palisades Community Council

Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Fear of Being Rebuked

Focus on Mentally Ill I, too, think we should ban many types of guns. But the evil young men who killed 26 people at San