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teel poles (“guy stubs”) provide structure support for other electrical poles on Albright.

LADWP Steel Poles to Stay on Albright Street

By Sue Pascoe Editor Electrical utility boxes (transformers) and three steel power poles have been installed along Albri
Potrero Park has been under construction since the mid-1980s.
Photo: Matthew Stockman

Potrero Canyon Activity to Resume in June

By Sue Pascoe Editor It is possible that there is movement on Potrero Park—and we’re not speaking of an earthquake.
Photo: Wendy Price Anderson

Palisades PRIDE Bricks Slated for Sunset Near Caruso Project

By Sue Pascoe Editor The News received the following inquiry: “Is it true that the 1,100 PRIDE tiles from Swarthmore t
Editorial: It’s Okay to Ask Caruso Questions

Editorial: It’s Okay to Ask Caruso Questions

By Sue Pascoe Editor There’s no question that people have a lot of questions about Caruso’s Palisades Village as it
The Chamber’s Arnie Wishnick joins Rodeo Realty agents and staff (left to right) Stephanie Daniels, Larry Warren, Kat Johnson, Nick Spirtos, Alex Gharibian, Marty Halfon, Ryan Victor, Wishnick and Puvnit Ransi.

Palisades Chamber Remodel Is Underway

By Sue Pascoe Editor Like an architectural time machine, the interior of the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce offic
Matthew Kadenacy.
Photo: Bart Bartholomew

Meet Matthew Kadenacy, Palisades Drone Master, Age 11

In our March 7 issue, we published a striking aerial shot of the entire Caruso construction project on the front page. M
Aerial view of Palisades Village. Credit: Matthew Kadenacy

Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: New Name Needed for Palisades Village?

New Name Needed for Palisades Village? If the new town going up on Swarthmore is PALISADES VILLAGE, what is the rest of
Aerial view of Palisades Village. Credit: Matthew Kadenacy

Amazon Books Coming to Palisades Village

The second Amazon Books storefront in Los Angeles has been announced to open in Rick Caruso’s Palisades Village, r
The view from Monument towards the north side of Swarthmore.
Photo: Bart Bartholomew

Winner Announced in Palisades Village Opening Date Prediction Contest

By Bill Bruns News Advisor In our Palisades News prediction contest last October, New York resident Michael Talarski gue