In Play On!, a community theater group portrayed by (left to right) Richard Conolly, Bella Dixon, Michael Bernstein, Marina Tidwell, Robert Watson, Lauren Chapman and Catherine Rahm, faces hysterical obstacles when producing a play. Play On! runs through May 13 at Theatre Palisades’ Pierson Playhouse. Photo: Joy Daunis

‘Play On!’ Opens at Theatre Palisades to Chuckles, Laughs

By Sue Pascoe Editor “Play On!,” Rick Abbot’s 1980 comedy about a community theater group, opened on April
Kay N' Daves Credit: Yelp

Dining With Grace: Kay N’ Daves

Following an electrical fire in October, 2016, this popular Palisades Mexican eatery had to be closed down for repairs a
Pinocchio In Cucina Credit: Yelp

Dining With Grace: Pinocchio In Cucina

By Grace Hiney Proprietor Chef Pino (Giuseppe Barravecchia) asked my friend Barbara and me to come and sample a variety
Duke's Malibu. Credit: Yelp

Dining With Grace: Duke’s Malibu

In case you have missed out on the new Hawaiian look at Duke’s, it is outstanding. The relaxing Hawaiian setting is so
Mon Petit Poulet. Credit: Yelp

Dining With Grace: Mon Petit Poulet

By Grace Hiney Are you looking for organic, free-range chicken that is VERY tasty? You are in luck, as a
Grace Hiney

Dining With Grace: Moku

By Grace Hiney Moku, just off Sunset in the Highlands, was recommended to me. So when a friend called and wanted to tell
Grace Hiney

Dining With Grace: Pearl Dragon

Dinner at the Pearl Dragon with its Asian kitchen is always a fascinating experience. One may dine at the sushi bar or a
Grace Hiney

Dining With Grace: V’s Restaurant and Bar

Dinner at V’s in Malibu is always a pleasure, as the food is excellent and the setting delightful. Just stroll in from
Robert “Bob” Baker.
Photo: Matthew Stockman

Bob Baker: ‘The Unlikely Diplomat’

By Sarah Stockman Staff Writer Robert “Bob” Baker moved to Pacific Palisades 17 years ago after retiring from the Un