Renderings of a pedestrian bridge option over the new California Incline. 

Credit: City of Santa Monica

California Incline Replacement Project Completion Date Pushed Till End of Summer

Engineers working on the California Incline replacement say that unanticipated complexities with the bridge during const
Via de la Paz Will Be Repaved Starting June 22

Via de la Paz Will Be Repaved Starting June 22

Via de la Paz from Sunset Boulevard to Bowdoin Street will undergo a scheduled four-week repaving starting on Wednesda

LADWP Warns of Possible Outages

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is urging customers to be vigilant in reducing energy use during the anti
Left to right: Laura Nickerson, Senator Barbara Boxer and Nicole Boxer.

Palisadian Kim Dickey Supports Genii Awards

The Alliance for Women in Media Southern California Affiliate (AWM SoCal) recently held its 57th Annual Genii Awards at
Football mom Lisa Taitelman (center) joined Palisades High School football team members (left to right) Kian Farahdel, Jared Dodson, Jack Estabrook, Theo Shulsky, Jonah Manheim and Syr Riley to sell discount cards to raise money for the football program.

PaliHi’s Football Team Seeks Support

On a recent Sunday, as Palisadians perused fresh vegetables at the farmers market, or stopped to get their cars washed n

Palisades Community Council Seeks Candidates for Election

The Pacific Palisades Community Coun- cil will hold elections for eight Area Representatives and one At-large Representa
Wilson Buchanan, Davis White and Charlie Kaplan.

Bronco Dodgers Beat Cardinals

It took only one game for the Bronco Dodgers to claim the PPBA Bronco World Series title as they edged the Cardinals, 12
The victorious Mustang Tigers.

Tigers Take Mustang Title

The Tigers swept the Red Sox in the PPBA Mustang World Series on the Field of Dreams at the Palisades Recreation Center.
The Pinto Yankees celebrate their win.

PPBA World Series Caps the Season

The Yankees outscored the Dodgers, 15-10, to win the PPBA Pinto World Series on June 2, after winning 9-6 the day before