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Kay N' Daves at Sunset and Antioch in Pacific Palisades in October 2016 following a fire. Credit: Palisades Patrol

Palisades News Letters: Palisades Restaurant Query

I think your January 17 front-page article about the Golden Bull’s reopening should have also tried to answer the foll
Bill Branch

Palisades News Letters: In Praise of Bill Branch

(Everett Maguire shared his thoughts about Bill Branch at his close friend’s funeral service on January 12 at Corpus C
Palisades News Letters: Bob Vickrey’s Essay Is Appreciated

Palisades News Letters: Bob Vickrey’s Essay Is Appreciated

(The author shared the following letter that she wrote to Bob Vickrey and the Palisades News.) Your article “The Day I
Palisades News Letters: Bentons Sports Shop Will Not Reopen

Palisades News Letters: Bentons Sports Shop Will Not Reopen

(Editor’s note: This letter was sent to both Pacific Palisades newspapers.) After almost 35 years in the Palisades, I
American Legion Post 283, Pacific Palisades

Palisades News Letters: Thanks to the American Legion

The American Legion is an outstanding organization which contributes greatly to the local community wherever it has a po
Newly redesigned Bay Theater for Rick Caruso's Palisades Village development. Credit: Caruso Affiliated

Palisades News Letters: Why No Public Hearing For Caruso Project’s Bay Theater Liquor License?

The movie theater in the Caruso project just received a liquor license with no public hearing. The L.A. Planning Departm
Caruso’s Palisades Village is well under construction.

Palisades News Letters: Excited about Caruso’s Project

I am so incredibly excited for the coming restaurants in the new village. So many of my friends and fellow moms are so l

Palisades News Letters: Appropriate Use of Social Media

In our society today, there are numerous social or private network platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, N
This was the Pretty Blonde’s “home” in the parkland below Via de las Olas, where camping is prohibited. Photo: Sharon Kilbride

Palisades News Letters: Thanks for Helping the ‘Pretty Blonde’

(Editor’s note: Nancy Klopper, who was honored with the Pride of the Palisades award for her part in helping the “Pr