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Palisades News Letters: Brown Act Questions, Rosh Hashanah, Palisades Homeless Taskforce Funding

Palisades News Letters: Brown Act Questions, Rosh Hashanah, Palisades Homeless Taskforce Funding

Brown Act Notification (The following letter was sent to L.A. City Department of Public Works information officer Elena
Pollution Causality - Google Earth shot from 8620'. The Coastal Interceptor Sewer (CIS) runs along the Los Angeles County shoreline from Malibu to El Segundo. Orange lines designate earthquake faults known to exist (since 1930) prior to the initiation of the California State Geologist's Seismic Hazards Mapping Program (1990). This July 31, 2007 satellite shot clearly shows the CIS rupture-point from the 1994 6.0-Richter upthrusting shear-jolt at the Potrero Canyon earthquake fault line and the subsequent amount of crap along the shoreline sitting on the ocean bottom 13 years after the Northridge earthquake! Orange line from USGS earthquake software app can be seen to continue across the Huntington Palisades neighborhood, the fissure (like a sidewalk crack with liquid crap flowing into it) ending at Rustic Canyon creek. This evidence was presented to the L.A. City Attorney, Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office and the BOE in April, June and August of 2010. Three additional faults are located in the City of Santa Monica. Note the pollution fan at the outflow from the two dozen+ 70-year-old septic tanks located adjacent Rustic Canyon creek/West Channel Road & Chautauqua in Pacific Palisades. Note also a much larger, darker pollution fan at PCH & Wilshire in Santa Monica extending across the sand into the ocean. Internally PVC slip-sleeving the CIS in the aftermath of Northridge would have prevented this ongoing environmental catastrophy. Thus, two major pollution sources, old, non-maintained septic tanks near a BOS-designated "303d impaired river", Rustic Canyon creek, plus multiple (estimated a 100+) breaks in the constantly overloaded 39" diameter 1924 Coastal Interceptor Sewer laid underneath PCH ARE the 81% of so-called "UNKNOWN SOURCES" the NRDC speaks of in their Testing the Waters reports of 2009 & 2010. Note also so-called "stormwater runoff" which the NRDC designates as a "3% (only) causal pollution source" is supposed to be captured in a 1.25 million gallon, underground cement enclosure similar in its bomb-vessel suitability to the basement of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City made infamous wherein Timothy McVeigh a home-grown terrorist killed 169 Americans. The sole surface entrance to this 66'W x 159'L x 30'D most-times-empty potential "Clear and Present Danger" terrorist tank-as-a-bomb-vessel target will be via an unsecured, readily accessable 2' x 2' grating in Temescal Canyon Park's children's playground area. Construction of this first-of-its-kind enclosure is the 2001 brainchild of the former Principal Sanitary Engineer now L.A. City Engineer. This project was approved by the Los Angeles City Council in March 2010. Additionally, per BOSS and BOE requests approved by the LA Public Works & City Council, previously restricted, vastly over-weight construction vehicles have now been allowed onto all of Los Angeles' streets in unpresidented numbers. Eighty-seven years and thousands of trips on PCH by these these over-weight construction vehicles have crushed the Coastal Interceptor Sewer 20' past the exit of the McClure Tunnel on the I-10.  Feel the dip as you drive over it going either way! Similar sewer crush points can also be seen and felt as one drives on Temescal Canyon Road above where the Temescal Canyon Park Stormwater diversion/ stormwater water recycling facility is scheduled to be built.

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