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Palisades News Letters: Support a 2019 Legion Coin

We need your help. The American Legion Post 283 has been integral to Pacific Palisades since it was formed in 1928. Clif
At the Chamber Expo in May, Tyler Bunn, 7, visited the Rotary Club’s booth, and promptly found a book that interested him.

Palisades News Letters: Support Access Books

My kids and I have worked for Access Books as a community service project for years, even when they were in elementary s

Palisades News Letters: Giving Children Books

Thank you for letting us know about the local efforts to help less fortunate children and families build home libraries

Palisades News Letters: Keep the Donations Coming

Many thanks to all the generous donors who have dropped off used items for the homeless and needy at our Pacific Palisad

Palisades News Letters: Kudos to Caruso’s Shuttle

I was standing on Sunset in the village early one morning, checking out the view of Caruso’s Palisades Village constru
Palisades News Letters: Facts Wrong about Entrada Drive

Palisades News Letters: Facts Wrong about Entrada Drive

Your June 7 article on the new Entrada Drive sidewalk had misstatements of facts. The original grant about nine years ag

Palisades News Letters: Voter Awareness Query

I live in District 11 and I received a letter in the mail from the California Voter Awareness Project. Not only was this
The proposed illegal sign for the 881 Alma Real Building is 27 ft. long x 51 inches high.

Palisades News Letters: Stop the 881 Alma Real Illegal Sign

Despite the decision of the DRB (design review board), in spite of the original ruling of the West Los Angeles Area Plan

Palisades News Letters: Let’s Ban ALL Leaf Blowers

Let’s Ban ALL Leaf Blowers I am baffled by the continuing use of leaf/dust blowers. The same homeowners who care deepl