Heard About Town

Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Take the Money PPCC

Traffic Slowing Method The City of Los Angeles has figured out a way to slow speeding cars. They don’t repair streets,

Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: The Scoop about Ice Cream

The Scoop about Ice Cream I attended the groundbreaking for Caruso Affiliated’s Palisades Village and Rick Caruso once

Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Lack of Hiking Preparations

Lack of Hiking Preparations It seems like every week the fire department has to rescue people who get lost while hiking

Heard About Town: What Happened to PaliHi’s Digital Sign?

Palisades High School Sign Does anyone know what happened to PaliHi’s digital sign that used to be on the corner of Bo

Heard About Town: Why Not a Trader Joe’s?

Why Not a Trader Joe’s? Many Palisadians campaigned for a Trader Joe’s in the Caruso Palisades Village project. Inst

Heard About Town

Thank You, Rose Gilbert Every time I swim in the pool at the high school, I offer up thanks to the generosity of Rose Gi

Heard About Town

Potrero Canyon Dogs Someone wrote on NextdoorPalisades that she and a friend walk three large dogs in Potrero Canyon eve

Heard About Town

Task for Mobility Deputy It’s nice that Councilman Bonin has a mobility deputy. Maybe she could help the L.A. City Met

Heard About Town

A Parking Suggestion I read the letters in the paper (July 20) about parking issues in the Village over the next two yea