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Hampden Place resident Louise Peete was executed after her second murder conviction.

Palisades News Letters: Hampden Place and the Killer

Thank you for the story on Hampden Place and the teaser about Louise Peete. I was born and raised in the 500 block of Sw
These trees may be cut down for two new homes on Hampden Place. Photo: Bart Bartholomew

Palisades Residents Question Hampden Project

By Sue Pascoe Editor Hampden Place is an odd little street. Just one block long, it has small homes, families that have
Site of proposed development in the Highlands.
Photo: Bart Bartholomew

Editorial: Opinions Okay, Intimidation Is Not

If you buy a piece of residential property, should neighbors be able to dictate what you build? Should they be able to t
Cell tower

Palisades News Letters: Cell-Tower Bill Vetoed

The Pacific Palisades Community Council is happy to report that Governor Brown has vetoed SB 649—the dangerous bill sp
The red area will be an active construction area on Asilomar; the yellow area will be a construction lay down area, moving east past El Medio.

Asilomar Stabilization Plans Draw Ire

By Sarah Stockman Staff Writer On Oct. 10, residents from the Asilomar Bluffs neighborhood gathered in Gilbert Hall at P
Site of proposed development in the Highlands.
Photo: Bart Bartholomew

Residents Fight Palisades Highlands Project

By Sue Pascoe Editor Ahearing, with L.A. City Planner Courtney Shum, will be heard today regarding the proposed 82-unit

Palisades News Letters: Oppose Senate Bill 649

Senate Bill 649, the bill that eliminates local control over cell towers in the public right of way and on public proper
This house on Bollinger Drive has stood empty since April 2016 but City officials say it is not a fire hazard.

Bollinger House in Pacific Palisades Remains in Limbo

By Sue Pascoe Editor The partially-built house at 16815 Bollinger Dr. in Marquez has been an eyesore for more than a yea
The proposed illegal sign for the 881 Alma Real Building is 27 ft. long x 51 inches high.

Court Rules Palisadian-Post’s Illegal Signs Can Go Up

By Sue Pascoe Editor The Palisades Design Review Board and the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission ruled that the