September, 24, 2016.
Battery Park City, NY

Visitors take a 1 hour tour around the "Forced From Home" exhibit.

(Photo: Elias Williams)

Refugee Camp to be Replicated on the Santa Monica Pier

Forced From Home, a free interactive exhibition of refugee settings, will be held at the Santa Monica Pier through 
Even the youngest students were attentive to the speaker.

Palisades News Letters: Calvary’s Community Service

I wanted to send a heartfelt thank-you to Sue Pascoe for her beautiful article about our community service kickoff. I lo
Members of the Junior Charity League with children of the Westwood Transitional Village.

Junior Charity League Seeks New Members

The Junior Charity League, a nonprofit, is looking for young women, between the ages of 18 and 45, who have an interest
Sea lion yearling hangs around by its pool at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach. The number of sea lions rescued on the coast is above average for the season.
The number of sea lions rescued on the coast is up for the first weeks in January, prompting concern and chaos at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in laguna Beach.

Rescuing an Injured Young Sea Lion at Point Dume

By Sarah Stockman Staff Writer Afew weeks ago, my mom and I took my visiting grandparents to Point Dume. We packed a lun
Three semi-trucks became three different homes in Uganda, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic.

The Compassion Experience Comes to Calvary Christian School

Showing Palisades residents how poverty looks was facilitated through the Compassion Experience on the Calvary Church pa
YMCA’s annual Boot Camp for Cancer with trainer Betsy Cantor was held on October 26 at Simon Meadow. Executive Director Jim Kirtley said, “I was there in honor of my mother who completed her last radiation treatment on October 23 for her battle with breast cancer.” Sponsors included Ralphs, Vons, Noah’s Bagels, Innate Wellness, Enterprise Fish Co., Café Vida, Beauty Counter, Garden Café and The Message Place. (Left to right) Chelsea Ford, Betsy Cantor and Jim Kirtley. Photo: Lesly Hall Photography

Photo: Palisades-Malibu YMCA Holds Bootcamp for Breast Cancer

Temescal Canyon Squatting Site Cleaned

Temescal Canyon Squatting Site Cleaned

Members of the Pacific Palisades Task Force on the Homeless were able to reach the owners of the property along Temescal
Even the youngest students were attentive to the speaker.

Calvary Christian School in Pacific Palisades Celebrates Community Service Day (Video)

By Sue Pascoe Editor One of the most uplifting days in Pacific Palisades is Calvary Christian School’s Community Servi
In preparation for Halloween, Nikki Tomas, 8, and her brother Rocco, 3, attended the Spooktacular at the Palisades Rec Center.

Photo: Boo! From Spooktacular in Pacific Palisades