During a recent rainstorm, water and mud ran downhill from Caruso’s Palisades con- struction site into the P2 store owned by Erica Simpson. Photo: Bart Bartholomew

P2 (Paliskates) Will Close Until 2018

By Sue Pascoe Editor P2, formerly known as Paliskates, will close until fall 2018, when Caruso’s Palisades Village ope
Advertising signs in the Palisades business districts have to be approved by the Design Review Board and follow the Pacific Palisades Commercial Village Neighborhoods Specific Plan.

Caruso’s Signs Are Challenged in Pacific Palisades

by Sue Pascoe Editor Do you love them or hate them? That’s not the question that residents need to ask about developer
Palisades Viewpoint: Let’s Slow Down on Permit Parking

Palisades Viewpoint: Let’s Slow Down on Permit Parking

By Matthew Rodman  Special to the Palisades News Let’s wait and see if a re-energized Palisades Village on Swarth
The proposed Brentwood Middle School would be on Barrington Place, just south of Sunset Boulevard.

As Brentwood School Expansion Looms, Bonin Addresses Sunset Boulevard Corridor Needs

By Sue Pascoe Editor After the Brentwood School expansion plan was approved by the City Planning Commission in Nove

Viewpoint: Palisades Village Will Stay Local

By Laurie Rosenthal Staff Writer Donna Vaccarino makes some valid points in her recent Viewpoint (“Palisades Need
L.A. firefighters, police officers and Chrysalis workers were honored at a luncheon at Il Piccolo Ritrovo, hosted by the Palisades Business Improvement District on December 14. Ritrovo owners Tarcisio Mosconi (purple tie) and Nando Silvestri oversaw the event. Photo: Bart Bartholomew

Firefighters and Police Honored in Pacific Palisades

Firefighters from Stations 69 and 23, members of the Los Angeles Police Department (including Palisades Senior Lead Offi

Viewpoint: Pacific Palisades Community Council Board Answers Critic

By Maryam Zar, George Wolfberg, and Chris Spitz The Palisades News recently published an opinion piece by Gina Ladinsky,
Palisades News Letters: No Swag Bag for Me

Palisades News Letters: No Swag Bag for Me

No Swag Bag for Me As an outsider looking in at The Caruso groundbreaking ceremony (the public was invited as advertised
New Shell owner Saeed Kohanoff wants to build a convenience store, which would be located in the rear of the lot. The new area would be landscaped and the service bays would be gone.

Pacific Palisades Design Review Board Debates Shell Station Issues

By Sue Pascoe Editor About 40 people crammed into the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce office on Nov. 9 to listen t