Caruso’s Michael Gazzano works up a sweat cleaning the weeds and trash that had accumulated along Swarthmore. The Caruso team was joined by Dirty Girl Organic Landcare workers and members of Palisades PRIDE. Photo courtesy of Caruso

Caruso, Dirty Girl and Palisades PRIDE Team Up

By Sue Pascoe Editor The long hillside along Swarthmore (between Antioch and Bowdoin) that abuts the Palisades Elementar
Potrero Park has been under construction since the mid-1980s.
Photo: Matthew Stockman

Potrero: The Park That Might Happen in Pacific Palisades

The bids are finally in. According to Potrero Canyon Park Project Manager Pedro Garcia, three bids were received for the
Aerial view of Palisades Village. Credit: Matthew Kadenacy

Is Amazon Books the New Caruso Model?

By Bob Vickrey Palisades News Columnist Now let me get this straight: the corporate giant that virtually transformed mod
Photo: Wendy Price Anderson

Pacific Palisades’ Swarthmore Donor Tiles Will Return With Rick Caruso’s Blessing—Along Sunset

By Sue Pascoe Editor When Caruso began constructing its Palisades Village project, the PRIDE donor tiles that had been i
Palisades Chamber Halts Trash Clean-Up

Palisades Chamber Halts Trash Clean-Up

By Sue Pascoe and Bill Bruns  Important as it is, trash collection and sidewalk cleanup in the Pacific Palisades bu
Part of the menu at Porto Via

Porta Via Palisades Will Open on Swarthmore

By Sue Pascoe Editor Caruso has announced that Porta Via Palisades, a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, wi
Party Lauds Caruso Tenants in Pacific Palisades

Party Lauds Caruso Tenants in Pacific Palisades

By Sue Pascoe Editor More than 20 female-led businesses have signed leases at Caruso’s Palisades Village, which will o
teel poles (“guy stubs”) provide structure support for other electrical poles on Albright.

LADWP Steel Poles to Stay on Albright Street

By Sue Pascoe Editor Electrical utility boxes (transformers) and three steel power poles have been installed along Albri
Photo: Wendy Price Anderson

Palisades PRIDE Bricks Slated for Sunset Near Caruso Project

By Sue Pascoe Editor The News received the following inquiry: “Is it true that the 1,100 PRIDE tiles from Swarthmore t