A downtown single-room occupancy hotel.

Viewpoint: Los Angeles Housing Math Doesn’t Add Up

By Mark Ryavec Special to the Palisades News Even though there are roughly 25,000 homeless in Los Angeles, Proposition H
Palisades News Letters: Regarding Tenant Protests

Palisades News Letters: Regarding Tenant Protests

I read your balanced article, “Tenants Hold Rent Protest,” in the May 16 issue. I’d like to offer an open letter r
REAL ID Cards Now Available at the DMV

REAL ID Cards Now Available at the DMV

TSA will not allow California residents to use a driver’s license as identification to go through airport security, st
Community Council board members at the June 23 meeting included (left to right) Reza Akof (Area 8—Riviera), Peter Culhane (Area 2—Highlands), Richard Cohen (treasurer), Jennifer Malaret (secretary), Chris Spitz (outgoing president) and Maryam Zar (incoming president).

Candidates Vying to Lead The Pacific Palisades Community Council

The election for officer positions for the Pacific Palisades Community Council will take place at 7 p.m. on June 14, aft
Four Young Pacific Palisades Baseball Stars, One Great Charity

Four Young Pacific Palisades Baseball Stars, One Great Charity

By Sue Pascoe Editor Your kid has been through Pacific Palisades Baseball Association, and maybe even played all-stars,
Photo credit: Brian Deming for PPCC

Palisades News Letters: Scrutiny Important in Elections

In 2014, I wrote about the role of journalism in a piece that was published by the UCLA Burkle Center, in which I quoted
Collision at Sunset and Swarthmore on Monday, Feb. 19.

Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Dangerous Crosswalks

Falling Sidewalk on Sunset If you walk along Sunset Boulevard above the Palisades High School baseball field, you can se
Caruso’s Michael Gazzano works up a sweat cleaning the weeds and trash that had accumulated along Swarthmore. The Caruso team was joined by Dirty Girl Organic Landcare workers and members of Palisades PRIDE. Photo courtesy of Caruso

Caruso, Dirty Girl and Palisades PRIDE Team Up

By Sue Pascoe Editor The long hillside along Swarthmore (between Antioch and Bowdoin) that abuts the Palisades Elementar
Potrero Park has been under construction since the mid-1980s.
Photo: Matthew Stockman

Potrero: The Park That Might Happen in Pacific Palisades

The bids are finally in. According to Potrero Canyon Park Project Manager Pedro Garcia, three bids were received for the