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Yoga in Schools 25 Years Later

I was finishing my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Pepperdine in 1992 and also working as a substitu

New Big Blue Bus Options

The Big Blue Bus recently expanded its bus services in anticipation of the Expo Line expansion, which opens in Santa Mon

Make the Turn, It’s Legal

While I understand Alisa Bromberg’s reasoning for wanting to wait for a green light before initiating the right turn t

Service Dogs vs. Pets

Thank you so much for the informative and accurate article, “Residents Claim Pets Are Service Dogs,” in the May 4 is

Bill Rosendahl Remembered by Locals

Bill Rosendahl Remembered by Locals (Editor’s note: Bill Rosendahl, the popular former L.A. City Councilman representi


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR   Left Turn on Chautauqua Examined I am sure every one of us at some point has had to make a

Sunset Boulevard Reimagined

VIEWPOINT By DR. MARK GRINBLATT Special to the Palisades News                   Imagine a two-block