(Left to right) Diana Hurst, Ruth Grubb, Melissa Rangel and Karen Ellis are college counselors at Palisades High School. Photo: Bart Bartholomew

Viewpoint: PaliHi’s ‘Off to College Fund’ Seeks Donations

By Sue Pascoe Editor My favorite days in the fall are when I read college application essays by seniors at Palisades Hig
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Viewpoint: Drinking to Get Drunk? Not in Spain

By David Grinsfelder UC Berkeley Junior You’d miss it if you didn’t know where to look. Sandwiched between a peluque
Viewpoint: L.A. County Fees Higher than IRS

Viewpoint: L.A. County Fees Higher than IRS

By Eric and Joshua Preven Special to the Palisades News Those who didn’t pay the second installment of their L.A.

Palisades News Letters: Regarding Jack Allen’s Viewpoint (“Why SB 827 Is Bad Legislation”)

Thank you for this chance to share my views. As I see it, the housing crisis is twofold. One part is due to the overregu
Harvey Weinstein. Credit: Getty Images

Viewpoint: #MeToo Should Focus on Predators

By Sue Pascoe Editor Back a few decades, I had to fend off advances from college professors, including one who wanted to
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Viewpoint: There’s No Beating Spanish Eating

By David Grinsfelder Special to the Palisades News For someone who cherishes food as much as I do, one of the biggest an

Viewpoint: Why SB 827 Is Bad Legislation

By Jack Allen (Editor’s note: SB 827 would allow the state, rather than a city, to have control over the height/densit
Editorial – Marijuana: The Feds and the Research

Editorial – Marijuana: The Feds and the Research

In November 2016, voters approved Proposition 64, which made California the most populous state in the nation to legaliz
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Viewpoint: Absorbing the Loss of a Son

By Barbara Gould Special to the Palisades News Welcome to 2018. It is a time to review events of the prior year, and I h