Washer Woman Woes

By DEBBIE ALEXANDER Staff Writer   When our six-year-old Frigidaire washing machine began leaking water out the bottom,
Love Thy Nature Is a Celebration

Love Thy Nature Is a Celebration

By LAUREL BUSBY,  Staff Writer   Sylvie Rokab wanted to watch a movie about humanity’s deep relationship with na

Editorial: Civility, Not Shouting and Emotional Outbursts

When we talk about civility, we usually mean formal politeness and courtesy in behavior and speech: good manners, consid

Viewpoint: Healing Through Writing

By Barbara Bould Special to the Palisades News When life throws a traumatic experience at you, medical professionals rec

Viewpoint: Something to Write Home About

By Brook Dougherty Palisades News Contributor Marilyn Monroe said, “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do

Viewpoint: The Longest I’ve Lived In One Place

By July Silk Palisades News Columnist Iwas clearing some clutter out of my house the other day, attempting Feng Shui upg
Time for Change: The Palisades News

Time for Change: The Palisades News

By Scott Wagenseller Owner and Publisher The time has come to begin anew in Pacific Palisades. We stand on the threshold