Residents Battle Mansionization

By Cheryl Zomber And they say all politics is local.” Never did I give much thought to this phrase, and not until I be

College-Bound Seniors Need Our Help

Upstairs, Downstairs, for those who are under 40, was a popular PBS drama series in the early 1970s that depicted the l

You Don’t Know Jack

In 1943, today’s Swarthmore business block was a dirt field. Kids from the neighborhood would play baseball there. Car

Heard About Town

Shoplifter at Gelson’s A man in his late 50s, early 60s was being held at a tree by the steps at Gelson’s. He starte

Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

For the most part, our Brentwood and Pacific Palisades neighborhoods have been immune to the development frenzy now para

Supporting the Spirit of the Palisades on July 4

The Fourth of July is a glorious day in Pacific Palisades, but it takes a lot of volunteers and a lot of money to stage

Residents Win—For Now

By MICHELE ADAMS Special to the Palisades News   Standing at the base of the lot and looking up a steep, cliff-like

Bonin Plays Key Role in Return of Engine 69

By SUE PASCOE Editor   In May 2011, when I worked at the Palisadian-Post, I was chosen honorary fire chief at Sta

City Must Release Archer-Related Emails

By ZOFIA WRIGHT Special to the Palisades News   As opponents of the controversial $100 million plan to expand the Arche