Viewpoint: Reflections on the Caruso Trees

By Rosanne Mangio Special to the Palisades News Adear friend of mine, “Spirit Wind,” a Cherokee medicine woman, taug

Editorial: Pacific Palisades Community Council Election Process Needs Tweaking

Coming in the midst of a bitterly contested Presidential campaign, the Pacific Palisades Community Council election in A

Editorial: Homeless Strategy Is Working in the Palisades

Jeff Kositsky, the new czar in charge of moving thousands of homeless people off the streets and into supportive housing

Rezoning: What You Need to Know

By Mike Bonin City Councilman, 11th District (Editor’s note: the following zoning information was sent via email from

Potrero Park: Time to ‘Fire’ the City?

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Positive Parenting Support

By Kane Phelps Special to the Palisades News Lola Coffey’s Viewpoint, “Understanding How to Parent,” in the July 2
A typical house in the Alphabet Streets that occupies the property from lot line to lot line.

Photo: Sawyer Pascoe

L.A.’s Mansionization Ordinance Is about Fairness

By Sue Pascoe Editor I’ve been obsessed with fairness since I was little. Maybe it has to do with growing up on the Ro

Understanding How to Parent

By Lola Coffey Special to the Palisades News Even though my husband and I have raised our two children the same—or tri