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Mother’s Day Lives On: Visit Mi-Lina in Pacific Palisades

Mother’s Day Lives On: Visit Mi-Lina in Pacific Palisades

By Sue Pascoe Editor So, mom did that mom thing on Mother’s Day and said, “Isn’t that nice. Thank you so much.”
Pacific Palisades Community Council

Editorial – Pacific Palisades Community Council: Real Fun Entertainment

By Sue Pascoe Editor A lot of people go to movies for their entertainment, others prefer opera, dance or theater. Me, I
Marian Niles and Harry Eden

Angel City Chorale Joined By South African Singers

A youth choir will travel from South Africa to join the Angel City Chorale for part of this year’s spring concert. The
(Left to right) Terry McCarthy, John Harlow, Bill Bruns and Maryam Zar.

Fake News Explored by Pacific Palisades Panel

By Sue Pascoe Editor How to cope with the spread of ‘fake news’” was the key focal point at a forum hosted by the
Members of the L.A. Conservation Corps helped clean an abandoned homeless camp below the Via las Olas bluffs.

Teens Clear Pacific Palisades Homeless Encampments (Video)

By Sue Pascoe Editor I want to live here with these beautiful views of the ocean,” an observer said, looking out at th
Editorial: Tenure Protects Good Teachers—And Bad

Editorial: Tenure Protects Good Teachers—And Bad

By Sue Pascoe Editor In California, teachers must be notified if they will receive tenure after 16 months on the job, wh
The City is proposing to drop the sunset-to-sunrise curfew at five beaches, including Will Rogers Beach.
Photo: Shelby Pascoe

Editorial: Beach Curfew and the Coastal Commission

Very few Pacific Palisades residents who have been following the beach curfew issue want to see the current midnight-to-
(Left to right) Diana Hurst, Ruth Grubb, Melissa Rangel and Karen Ellis are college counselors at Palisades High School. Photo: Bart Bartholomew

Viewpoint: PaliHi’s ‘Off to College Fund’ Seeks Donations

By Sue Pascoe Editor My favorite days in the fall are when I read college application essays by seniors at Palisades Hig
Margaret, a homeless woman in Pacific Palisades, asks residents for money.

How to Help Keep Homeless on the Streets

By Sue Pascoe Editor My greatest regret is that early on, the simple acts of giving money and donations to Margaret have