Healthy Quick Bites on the Westside

By Keldine Hull 

With an endless supply of sunshine, hiking trails, and beaches, California is easily one of the healthiest states in the country. From kombucha and kale, to matcha tea and acai bowls, the Golden State is at the forefront of nearly every health trend known to human-kind. To keep up with its active and health-conscious residents, the Westside is filled with places to grab a quick bite to eat that is equal parts nutritious and delicious. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites.

  1. Erewhon Market

– 2800 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica
– 585 Venice Boulevard, Venice

Erewhon Market is a family-owned establishment that prides itself on its selection of 100 percent organic produce, and it doesn’t disappoint. Most notably known for its Tonic and Juice Bar, Erewhon’s tonic tenders are like the mixologists of the juice world; their unique concoctions are not only delicious but filled with nutrients. Most popular menu items include the White Bean Kale Avocado salad, the Wild Salmon Bagel Breakfast and the Killer Cauliflower. 

2. Kreation Kafe

– 1023 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica
1202 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice 

Kreation Kafe goes above and beyond your average, run of the mill cafe. In touch with the
needs of its consumers, Kreation Kafe recently added the Coachella Survival Kit to its menu which includes Charcoal Water, CBD Water, Celery Juice, Glamology Smoothie, Juice Shots and Dehydrated Fruit. Kreation’s Grab ‘N Go menu, which includes the Hail Vegan Caesar salad and Get Wild Salmon and Quinoa wrap, is perfect for those all too short 30-minute lunch breaks that seem to end before they begin.

3. Mrs. Winston’s

– 2450 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica
– 3150 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica

A list of favorite healthy places to eat wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Mrs. Winston’s. A local gem on the Westside, Mrs. Winston’s is Santa Monica’s reliable one-stop shop for healthy salads, sandwiches, smoothies, juices and wellness shots. Menu favorites include the Vegan Greens and Grains Thai Dragon Bowl, the Chicken Kale “Keto” Salad, the Gluten-Free Avocado Cheddar Chicken Sandwich, and the Seven-Grain “TLT” Sandwich. While you might see a long line during popular lunchtime hours, Mrs. Winston’s is well worth the wait.

4. Moon Juice
– 507 Rose Avenue, Venice

Moon Juice believes in the healing power of plants which is evident in its menu. They offer a unique selection of juices, tonics and shots that offer an array of different health benefits like immune support, pain relief and digestive support. While their menu may seem overwhelming, Moon Juice offers explanations about all of its ingredients and the health benefits associated with them. In addition to their own blend of beverages, you can build your own shot with everything from ginger juice, which aids in digestive and immunity support, and black pepper oil, which assists in absorption and helps warm the body to oil of oregano and raw honey, which contain antibacterial properties, healthy enzymes, and congestion busters.   

Whether you’re a health food novice or pro, the Westside is a great place to explore the wonderful world of healthy living and eating.

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