Palisades News Letters: The Start of a Solution

I read with interest the letters about Margaret. Someone called for compassion, respect, alternatives and solutions, a very well thought out response. Maybe a community member could offer Margaret a place to park her car on their driveway and a bathroom where she could shower regularly. This would be a beginning of a solution. This needs to be followed by the effort to get Margaret the mental health treatment she so desperately needs. Without treating her mental illness, she will continue the way she has for decades.

Tiffany Kelley

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Margaret, a homeless woman in Pacific Palisades, asks residents for money.

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  1. Stephen P Dickey says:

    Its been tried.

    From Palisades News

    One PPTFH member wrote the News, “People don’t get it!! We have offered her services multiple times and she refuses.

    “We have a community of enablers that are actually standing in our way of getting Margaret the help she really needs,” the PPTFH member said. “We need to educate business owners and the community that helping Margaret is a bad thing and is not helping her at all.”

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