Palisades News Letters: Highlands Letter Was Incorrect

(Editor’s Note: The following letter was sent to the Palisades News from Community Council President Maryam Zar regarding Robert Flick’s letter in our March 1 issue.)

I am told, though I haven’t read it yet myself, that you assert, in a letter to the News, that “PPCC itself ” voted to reconsider the Highlands eldercare matter. As I am almost certain you are aware, the PPCC has done no such thing.

The PPCC Land Use Committee, in a tie vote which I broke, decided to rehear the matter from a Coastal Commission lens, and if after their review they vote to send a different conclusion than the last to the PPCC, then the PPCC Board will agendise the matter for review. If the LUC does not change its position after the meeting on March 1, the matter will not be referred to the PPCC Board.

If the LUC does change its position on the matter, the PPCC Board will take it up on April 12, at our regularly scheduled public board meeting. If the Board of the PPCC votes in a manner that is different from the position we have already made known to the city, we will then issue a letter informing the city of our new position, in a timely manner.

For a restatement of the above, I refer you to the attached letter I sent to the other paper (in an attempt to clarify an inaccurate letter sent to them last week), as well as the community-wide e-blast sent to our 3,000-member distribution list, both of which contain an accurate restatement of what has transpired, and what promises to unfold, with respect to the eldercare matter.

Maryam Zar

Site of proposed development in the Highlands.
Photo: Bart Bartholomew



  1. Stephen Pierson Dickey says:

    A small but extremely vocal group of voices in the neighborhood is spreading misinformation about the project, and has even used bullying and intimidation tactics.

  2. Robert Flick says:

    Steve–Guess you haven’t lost your stale talking points list. Between the first hearing at the ZA and the hearing today, 1,500 people have signed a petition objecting to the project.

    The only SMALL group is the group that is trying to jam this project into the neighborhood. We will see what misinformation they try to roll out at the hearing today.

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