‘Age-ing to Sage-ing’ Program Slated for Palisades Seniors

The Palisades Alliance for Seniors program on Monday, May 8, at the Palisades Library will be “From Age-ing to Sage-ing: Reframing Our Elder Years.”

Palisadian Dr. Jonathan Zasloff, a professor at the UCLA School of Law whose work focuses on civil rights, land use, and environmental law, is also a student in the ALEPH rabbinical ordination program, where he became familiar with the nondenominational Age-ing to Sage-ing program.

Sage-ing involves changing the aging paradigm to one of consciousness and purpose, looking at our elder years as an opportunity to harvest the wisdom of our lives, transmit that wisdom as a legacy to future generations, and give back through service. Core concepts include life review, forgiveness work, spirituality, qualities of a wise elder, facing mortality, sharing wisdom and leaving a legacy.

The free program will take place in the Library’s community room, and run from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Attendees are invited to stay afterward and socialize.

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